Welcome to Camellia Basic Elementary PTSO!

Join PTSO Monthly Meeting:

Time: Feb 7, 2023 06:00 PM

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Meeting ID: 835 7533 3064
Passcode: Cougars

Our PTSO is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school.  


Funding takes the following forms:

Direct donation – Can be made at any point during the school year.  

School events – These are events that are hosted and directed by the PTSO. All proceeds are funneled back into the school.


There are so many opportunities.  Every hour of time volunteered increases the quality of education for our students.  Some positions demand a lot of time – others only an hour or so. To help you decide on your involvement, check our our “Volunteer Opportunities” listing.

Meet your PTSO Board

President:  Cathy Chong

Vice President: Quyen Wong

Treasurer:  Tina Tang

Principal: Autumn Moua

Teacher Representative: Julie Wharton

What is the PTSO?

The Parent Teacher Student Organization is YOU! Parents, guardians, students and teachers at Camellia Basic Elementary School. The nominal yearly dues provide you with membership in the Camellia PTSO and adds to our school programs.

Our board consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, a teacher representative, and the principal. We meet once a month at 6:00pm on Zoom the first Tuesday of every month. The PTSO supports our school by organizing fundraising events that provides additional funds for our classrooms for supplies, and other instructional needs. We plan these fundraising events together as a team. 

Why Join The PTSO?

Great Question! By getting involved at Camellia Elementary school you’ll be part of the solution and helping to make positive changes.  Our PTSO plays an important role by supporting teachers, staff and families while also advocating for enhanced programs that set our Cougars on a positive educational path.  We also play an important role in fundraising for curriculum-based programs and social events. Interested in helping this Find the form HERE.

Here are some PTSO Sponsored Activities

The Camellia Basic PTSO provides support for many events and activities that provide information to our parents, appreciation for our teachers, staff and volunteers and opportunities to connect as a community.  

• Back to school night
• Fun, interesting, and informative assemblies
• Free books for students
• Community garden
• Fall carnival
• Field trip support
• Family nights
• Wee bazaar
• Pancake breakfast
• Talent show
• Open house
• Ice cream social
• Spaghetti Dinner Auction
• Site improvement
• Classroom supplies
• Parent appreciation
• Teacher staff appreciation

Please consider joining our monthly PTSO meetings to stay informed on what’s happening at Camellia Basic and be a part of the parent leadership in our school.  Why should you come to PTSO Meetings?

  • To connect with other parents.
  • Be the first to hear about important news and upcoming events at school.
  • Learn how the students and teachers of Camellia Basic benefit from the work of the PTSO.

If you have any questions or would like to contact a PTSO representative, please email