Camellia PTSO is made up of hardworking and involved families and teachers who focus on achievable goals that will benefit the entire school.

Camellia families are an integral part of the school community, and Camellia’s success is built on an organized, connected, and well-informed partnership between parents and school.  We encourage and provide many opportunities for parental involvement, because even the smallest effort can make a huge difference. 

Camellia PTSO plays an important role by supporting teachers, staff and families while also advocating for enhanced programs that set our children on a positive educational path.  We also play an important role in fundraising for curriculum-based programs and social events.

Please consider joining our monthly PTSO meetings to stay informed on what’s happening at Camellia Basic and be a part of the parent leadership in our school.  Why should you come to PTSO Meetings?

  • To connect with other parents.
  • Be the first to hear about important news and upcoming events at school.
  • Learn how the students and teachers of Camellia Basic benefit from the work of the PTSO.

As always, we value feedback more from our community about what the PTSO priorities should be, and we hope that PTSO membership will continue to grow.  If you have any questions or would like to contact a PTSO representative, please email

Meet your PTSO Board

President:  Justine Lee

Vice President: Yanfen Zhu

Treasurer:  Myqui Torres

Secretary: Lily Ha

Principal: Autumn Moua

Teacher Representatives: Julie Wharton and Nicole Bridgham