About Us

About Camellia


Camellia Basic Elementary School is rich in history and traditions dating back over sixty years.  Camellia was opened in 1961.  In 1982 the school was converted to a basic school to better serve the underprivileged. 

Camellia Basic develops excellence in its diverse student body through an emphasis on a strong foundation in mastering academic standards and virtuous personal conduct.  Camellia staff, parents, and students work as a team to create ideal conditions for student learning and high levels of achievement through two main programs: Social-Emotional (SEL) and the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) cluster model. The goal of our teaching staff is to provide engaging instruction with rigor and relevance to help our students become prepared, both academically and socially, for the challenges of tomorrow.  Our students are provided with standards-based instruction across the curriculum. Camellia is committed to providing a school that is a safe, and caring place for children to be engaged in learning, be intellectually challenged, and make lasting friendships while mastering the state’s academic standards.  Most importantly, we have a cohesive and dedicated staff of teachers, instructional assistants, and supportive parents working together to provide opportunities for all students to achieve at high standards.

Our Mission Statement

Camellia Basic School is an academic prep school that develops excellence through an emphasis on the skills for English language arts (reading and writing) and math. Students also develop lifelong skills by participating in art, music, physical education, and the sciences. Camellia students exceed district and state averages on state and national achievement tests. Camellia’s mission is to prepare outstanding students for their middle and high school years and to be career and college ready. Through Camellia’s structured program and fidelity to the classroom meeting model, students develop the essential qualities of cooperation, responsibility, courage, and self-esteem by stressing excellence in classwork, homework, and citizenship. A daily study center is provided for students who do not meet the school’s standards for academic work or behavior. School uniforms are required.

Tradition of Excellence

Camellia Basic School has established a tradition of excellence that has been recognized locally, statewide, and nationally.

  • 2020 California Distinguished School
  • 2018 California Distinguished School
  • 2016 Honor Roll
  • 2014 California Business for Education Excellence Honor Roll Award
  • 2010 National Blue Ribbon School Award
  • 2008 Title I Academic Achievement Award School
  • 2007 Title I Academic Achievement Award School
  • 2006 Title I Academic Achievement Award School
  • 2006 California Distinguished School
  • 2005 National Distinguished School
  • 2005 California Achieving School
  • 2004 Sacramento City School District Achieving School
  • 2003 Sacramento City School District Exemplary School
  • 2003 National Blue Ribbon School Award
  • 2003 National Achieving School
  • 2002 Sacramento City School District Exemplary School
  • 2002 California Achieving School
  • 2001 Sacramento City School District Exemplary School
  • 2001 California Distinguished School
  • 2000 Sacramento City School District Achieving School
  • 1999 National Magnet School of Merit.



The Camellia community is a collaborative group, composed of families, students, and staff. We strive to put the best interests of children at the heart of every decision we make, to assure high levels of learning for all students and to foster internalized responsibility and self-reliance in a safe, structured environment by providing a rigorous, standards-based, instructional focus and maintaining a school climate that enables students to become respectful, responsible citizens.