School Uniform Policy and Dress Code


The uniform policy at Camellia Basic School has been developed to set a standard that is in the best interest of students and is considered appropriate at the elementary school level.  The uniform policy follows the provisions of the Education Code that the legislature passed to protect student safety and health as well as to protect the classroom from disruption.

  • Bottoms are solid dark blue or dark black.  Dark blue or black jeans are okay.  Pants must be hemmed and not drag on the ground.  No flowers or other embroidery on pants.  No frayed bottoms or holes.
  • Tops are solid red, solid white, or solid dark blue.  The only uniform logos allowed are the Camellia Logo or a small manufacturer’s logo that can be covered by one hand.  Students can purchase Camellia Spirit wear shirts.  Tank tops or undershirts are not considered uniform tops.  No bare – midriffs. 
  • Light Outerwear (sweatshirts, fleece jackets, sweaters, pullovers, or windbreakers) must be a solid red, white, or blue.  The logo rule for tops is the same.  (May be worn in classrooms).  Students can purchase Camellia Spirit wear sweatshirts.
  • Heavy Coats and Jackets (lined coats and jackets) may be any color.
  • No bagginess or sagging.  Uniforms must fit to size or be one size larger.
  • Students who participate in nationally recognized youth organizations may wear the organization uniforms every day.
  • Ski caps are allowed on cold days.  Hats are allowed for sun protection and MUST be removed inside any school building. 
  • The following items are NOT appropriate:  decorative belts, shoes with wheels, high heels, cleats jellies, flip-flops or thong-type shoes (sandals must have a heel strap), thin strap dresses, shirts, or blouses, dangling earrings, distracting jewelry, make-up, perfume, hair styling that is distracting, skirts/shorts shorter than mi-thigh (bottom of fingertips when arms are at sides), or full-length skirts.  THERE MUST BE NO WRITING ON ANY ARTICLE OF CLOTHING.
  • Backpacks – As a safety precaution, rolling backpacks are NOT allowed.