Enrollment Information


A major emphasis of the Basic School Program is the development of academic skills and good study habits. Students must meet admission criteria to be accepted to the lottery for the Basic Program.

The overall goal of the school staff is to bring together the most successful traditional and new methods of instruction which emphasize academic skills and good study habits.

Parental support at home contributes to children’s success in these rigorous programs. A collaborative relationship between parents and teachers creates ideal conditions for student learning and high levels of achievement.

Open Enrollment

Students are enrolled in a Basic Program in conjunction with the district’s Open Enrollment process. Academic achievement at or above grade level, good behavior and satisfactory attendance are all required for admission. Parents are also encouraged to commit 40 hours of volunteering.

The 2022-23 Open Enrollment period will open in February 2023. Please go to the SCUSD Open Enrollment website for more information on how to apply. A list of all applicants who meet criteria is forwarded to the Open Enrollment office for processing through a lottery.