Pick-ups and drop-offs have become a safety concern.  In order to keep our children safe and keep drop-off and pick-up as efficient as possible, Camellia has adopted these protocols.  We ask that everyone review and follow the traffic protocols listed in Camellia’s Parent-Student Handbook in order to contribute to our safe school culture and demonstrate consideration and respect for all.  All the end of the day, our children are watching.  Please remember you are modeling for them the necessity of following school rules and showing respect for all.   With that in mind, PLEASE remember Camellia’s general traffic rules:

  1. Do NOT enter the staff parking lot to drop off or pick your child/children.  The staff parking lot is for staff only.  Please refrain from dropping off or picking up AT ALL TIMES.
  2. Do NOT drop off or pick up your child/children in the middle of the street.
  3. Be careful, cooperative, and patient!  Watch out for students and other vehicles.
  4. Please use the crosswalks.
  5. Please respect our neighbors and DO NOT block or pull up to their driveways.
  6. DO NOT make U-turns near the school!  This is causing traffic congestion and is extremely dangerous to our walkers. 

Again, at Camellia we are committed to student safety.  It only takes one incompliance to invite others to do the same.  Let’s work together and set good examples for our children.  Thank you for working together to keep our students safe!